The Oneness Centre

The Oneness Centre is a place for people who are suffering mentally, physically, or spiritually. We aim to offer free access to therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and an array of faith leaders.

Started by award-winning activist Can Man Dan after his journey of recovery from his own mental health issues, including depression, alcoholism, and suicidal tendencies, Johnstone created this space as a safe haven for those struggling with their own personal demons.

Johnstone was inspired to start The Oneness Centre after experiencing financial barriers and a lack of services during his greatest time of strife.

To book an appointment, the best way is to visit The Oneness Centre on one of the listed drop-in days. Or, feel free to please contact us or drop in during our office hours.

Sundays 6-8 PM: Faith & Love Study
Join Daniel and a special guest faith leader every Sunday to discuss the power of love, faith, and the universe at large. We will also hold personalized and life-changing prayer sessions to anyone looking for help from a higher power.

Mondays 6-8 PM: Paranormal & Supernatural Exploration
Join Daniel, the "Paranormal Pastor" Nathan Zieber, and other supernatural experts in discussing life beyond our five senses and the impact it can have on our overall well-being. This is a safe space for people experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or lives, and a place for questions without fear of judgement. 

Wednesdays 6-8 PM: Mental Health & Wellness Forum
Daniel, along with special guests, will lead powerful discussions and create a safe space for anyone who wishes to talk about their mental health issues and/or past traumas. We will also have free access to mental health professionals and licensed experts. 

The Oneness Centre
9664 106 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T5H 0N4

- Hours of Operation -

Sunday: 3-8 PM
Monday: 3-8 PM
Tuesday: By Appointment Only
Wednesday: 3-8 PM
Thursday: By Appointment Only
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed