Our Volunteer Board

Daniel Johnstone - Executive Director

Daniel Johnstone, also known as Can Man Dan, is an award-winning activist, philanthropist, and community organizer from Edmonton, Alberta. Dan is also the founder and current president of the Can Man Dan Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to alleviate community stress and support vulnerable populations.

Dan was born and raised in the city of Edmonton and has dedicated his life to serving others. He started the Can Man Dan initiative in June, 2011, in an effort to give back to the community that supported his family when they needed it most. Raised by a single parent in a low-income household left an indelible impression on Dan; he continues to stay dedicated to supporting those in need and addressing various systemic issues that plague Alberta.

Under Dan's leadership and visionary thinking, what started off as a small community project has escalated into a far-reaching movement and a multi-million dollar initiative.

Can Man Dan - Wikipedia 

Evan Cherot - Chief Financial Officer

Evan has been a dominant force in keeping the Can Man Dan Foundation's vision and mission alive. Since Dan Johnstone began his work in 2011, Evan has participated in every campaign and brings an indispensable amount of talent and brainpower to the organization.

A B.Com. graduate with over a decade of tax and accounting experience, Evan acts as the gatekeeper of the Finance department, ensuring every dollar brought in through donations is spent with integrity and transparency to fulfill the foundation's mandate of helping those in need. He is also an invaluable operational asset, bringing reason and critical thinking to each annual charitable campaign.

Samaa Ali - Director

Samaa Ali brings a wealth of experience to the Can Man Dan Foundation and currently serves as one of its directors. She is a university graduate, spiritual mentor, a former small business owner, and the foundation's "jack of all trades." She's also a proud cat mom!

You can usually find Samaa working behind the scenes to help keep the foundation running as it should. The part of the job she loves the most is helping others and bringing a smile to their faces. 

Pamela Johnstone - Board Member & Advisor

Pamela brings true real-world experience to the Can Man Dan Foundation; from growing up on the streets of Edmonton to overcoming substance abuse, discrimination, and poverty, she brings a phenomenal amount of compassion, awareness, and relatability to those we help.

Pamela genuinely cares for vulnerable populations and is able to form meaningful relationships with ease, acting as the perfect liaison between the foundation and those who access its services. She is well-regarded as an incredibly generous and philanthropic human being, and has been an inspiring role model to community leaders, single mothers, and youth across Alberta. She embodies the Can Man Dan Foundation's values on a daily basis, exhibiting authenticity, resilience, and genuine compassion.

Josh Badry - Board Member & Advisor

Josh is a former small business owner who brings years of accounting, bookkeeping, and project management experience to the foundation. He excels at organizing and executing our pop-up events throughout the year, and loves to work with our amazing network of volunteers and supporters.

Josh is dedicated to helping the community by making sure they can access the resources and services we deliver as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Managing crowds of over two thousand people can be quite a feat, but with Josh's keen sense of planning and organization, we're able to help as many people as we can with each year of growth.

Moe Rahall - Board Member & Advisor

Moe Rahall is the owner of Edmonton's incredibly well-renowned Shadified Salon and Spa. He has been heavily involved in building strong communities across the city and is a key contributor to the Can Man Dan Foundation's annual "We're Here For Ya!" Day event. He has partnered with the foundation's founder and president, Dan Johnstone, year after year to help thousands of low-income families, and is especially fond of helping children in need.

Moe is passionate about giving back and brings his strong business acumen to the team. A small-business owner who found immense success in Edmonton, he is a strong mentor and role model within his community, proactively engaging in the foundation's current campaigns, coming up with innovative ideas for future campaigns, and encouraging everyday people of all ages to reach their potential in and out of the business world.