Events & Programs

We're Here For Ya Day

Alberta's biggest back-to-school event aims to help local, low-income children and their families make a stressful time of year easier. We provide free backpacks, school supplies, food hampers, haircuts, assorted personal hygiene products, and more on the weekend before the new school year begins. This event is free of charge to attend and helps kids in need go back to school with confidence and all the right tools for success.

Costumes for Kids

The Halloween season is A TON OF FUN for children of all ages, but it is an expensive time of year for families, especially if you are low-income or on a limited budget. With our partners at Halloween Alley and Brokers for Life, we supply hundreds of low-income children with brand new costumes to help build their confidence while participating in a sweet and enjoyable annual tradition with friends and family.

Holiday Food & Toy Drive

The foundation's claim to fame, the annual winter campouts have our founder, Dan Johnstone, braving cold Alberta weather to help raise food and resources for those who struggle to make ends meet during the holiday season. Dan camps out at multiple locations with a truck to fill, ensuring every child has a toy and a hot meal to eat on Christmas Day.

Classroom Enrichment

From homeless feeds to workshops on building care packages, we take great pride in fostering compassion and leadership among school-going children. We partner with school faculties across Edmonton to teach youth how they can execute their own charitable campaigns within their communities and bring positive change.