Events & Programs

Spiritual Care & Guidance

The Can Man Dan Foundation is pleased to offer spiritual care and guidance through strategic partnerships with Daniel Johnstone Ministries and other faith-based organizations. Working under his real name of Daniel Johnstone, Can Man Dan works as a Community Service Chaplain currently serving out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Daniel's ministry is considered to be "multi-faith" and members of any belief system are welcome to come to Daniel for help, prayer, or support. 

Can Man Dan's Christmas Food & Toy Drive

The foundation's claim to fame, these annual winter campouts have our founder, Daniel Johnstone, braving freezing cold Alberta temperatures to help raise food and resources for those who struggle to make ends meet during the holiday season. Daniel camps out at various stores throughout Edmonton hoping to fill his truck with food and toys, ensuring every child has a gift to open and a hot meal to enjoy on Christmas Day.

2023 Christmas Food + Toy Drive

Classroom and Youth Enrichment Programs

From chaperoned/guided homeless feeds to workshops on the importance of mental health, we take great pride in fostering compassion and leadership among school-going children. In addition to our own objectives, we also partner with Edmonton's Food Bank to put a spotlight on solving food insecurity through innovative solutions-based classroom discussions, with topics such as community gardens and minimizing food waste. Additionally, we are passionate about creating awareness and being proactive about mental health and seeking therapy among youth as part of overall health and well-being. Whether through private workshops at our foundation's physical location, or within scheduled class discussions, we foster the idea of being proactive versus reactive in seeking help for mental health issues and prioritizing self-care. Furthermore, in partnership with local healthcare practitioners, we offer children safe access to private, licensed, and free therapy services.

Educators wishing to book a session with the foundation, please contact us.

We're Here For Ya Day

Since 2011, this annual back-to-school event has helped thousands of low-income children and their families make a stressful time of year easier. Each year, we provide free backpacks filled with school supplies, nutritious food hampers, haircuts, assorted personal hygiene products, and more to local families in need. This event is free of charge for families to attend and helps kids in need go back to school with confidence and all the right tools for success.

The Oneness Centre - Closed Until Further Notice

The Oneness Centre is a place for people who are suffering mentally, physically, or spiritually. We aim to offer free access to therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and an array of faith leaders. Started by award-winning activist Can Man Dan after his journey of recovery from his own mental health issues, including depression, alcoholism, and suicidal tendencies, Johnstone created this space as a safe haven for those struggling with their own personal demons.