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The Can Man Dan Foundation is pleased to offer spiritual care and guidance through strategic partnerships with Daniel Johnstone Ministries and other faith-based organizations. Working under his real name of Daniel Johnstone, Can Man Dan works as a Community Service Chaplain currently serving out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. While Daniel himself is a Christian, his ministry is considered to be "multi-faith," and members of any belief system are welcome to come to Daniel for help, prayer, or spiritual support! 

Can Man Dan's debut book "...I Think God is Real: The Extraordinary Journey of Can Man Dan" is also available for helpful reading. Dan's first book was released in June 2022 and it's been helping people all over the world ever since. "...I Think God is Real: The Extraordinary Journey of Can Man Dan," touches on recognizing childhood trauma, the power of overcoming addiction, the lifesaving benefits of therapy and psychiatry, and the vital importance of faith and love in one's life. 

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You may also find the answers you are seeking or divine comfort by watching and subscribing to Can Man Dan's faith-based YouTube channel, Daniel in the Lion's World! Please see below for a full catalogue of Daniel's YouTube video content!

Finally, if you are looking for advice, prayer, spiritual guidance, or for any other form of faith-based support, please reach out today! 

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