Give Back Attack!

Doing good and having fun can go hand in hand, and our Give Back Attack! series is here to prove it!

Our Give Back Attack! program is a light-hearted digital video series that highlights random acts of kindness, good deeds, grassroots giving, and inspirational stories. The Can Man Dan Foundation started this initiative as a way to have some fun and blow off steam while encouraging others to spread kindness in whatever way they can, even on a small scale. Kindness counts no matter how big or small in an otherwise mundane world!

Use #givebackattack to share your own videos of spreading positivity one kind act at a time.

Season Two

The Most Expensive GBA Ever!

Oodles (Noodles) of Fun

Can't Stop the Bannock

Presents for Pets

One Hundred Smiles

Season One

Popeyes Famous Chicken Sandwich

Can't Stop The Coffee


Shopping Locally During a Pandemic

YEG Easter 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Packages

Transit Worker Appreciation Day

Roberta MacAdams Presents: We Care for Underwear

Care Package Tutorial

The Tale of a New Windshield

Kindness of Kids

Give Back Attack! Retro

Potatoes Part One

Popsicles in the Park

Mothers Day / Tim Hortons

Episode One

How it all Started