"Can Man Dan" - A Special Holiday Poem

Can Man Dan

By Garth Paul Ukrainetz
Poet Laureate of the Blackmud Creek

Can Man Dan, O Can Man Dan
He’s camping out in massive van
On freezing cold Alberta street
Collecting food for all to eat

If big or small, if thin or thick
Just bring your food donations quick
For hunger spreads when times are tough
We’ve all been there when life is rough

If you are blessed please share your luck
Yes, bring some food to fill Dan’s truck
You’ll feel so good, you’ll soon believe
We bless ourselves when they receive

Can Man Dan, O Can Man Dan
A flanneled hero with a plan
Can’t stop the good from getting done
With helping hands in Edmonton

In Tribute to the 10th Anniversary
of the good works of Can Man Dan
and the Albertans who helped