Goodbye 2020 - A Year End Review

2020 was a chaotic mess. It was a year of loss, stress, hardships, and it was truly unprecedented.
And it’s exactly why I couldn’t be more proud of the Can Man Dan Foundation and the work we’ve done throughout all of the global uncertainty. Because of your support and confidence, we were able to help thousands and thousands of families, children, seniors, and individuals who fell victim to 2020.
Although it’s impossible to display everything that we’ve done this year, we made a short year-in-review video for your viewing pleasure, and I really hope you watch it. Without your donations and generosity, none of this would be possible, and thousands of people would have had a much different year.
Thank you for believing in our work, and thank you for allowing us to serve. It's been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to providing for our community on a larger scale in 2021 -- If you'll have us, of course!
Happy New Year!
Much love,
"Can Man Dan"
Dan Johnstone