PSA: We're Here For Ya Day 2023 Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that Alberta's biggest back-to-school event is returning to Edmonton for the 11th consecutive year! Since 2012, Can Man Dan, along with our foundation, have had the great pleasure of supplying thousands of low-income children and families with everything they need for the upcoming school year. Along with our valued partners, we help local kids in need with free backpacks filled with school supplies, food hampers, and high-quality haircuts -- sending them back to class with confidence, breakfast/lunch supplies, and all the right tools for success.

This event was originally started by Dan Johnstone, who famously grew up in a low-income, single-mother household with his brother. For years, they struggled to make ends meet and often had to rely on the generosity of social programs and their community. When it was time for Dan and his brother to return to school, the family would feel severe financial and mental stress as money was so tight. Now, Dan and his partners ensure that no child in Edmonton has to go through what he and his family had to endure. Our goal is to help every child in our city return to class with everything they need without hurting the family financially. 

This year, we are hoping to help 2000 children and their families, which is going to take the help and support of our entire community! If you are interested in donating or becoming an event sponsor/co-host, please let us know! We can certainly use the help this year, it truly does take a city.

Fundraising Goal:


*This will be used to purchase brand-new backpacks, school supplies, and much needed event tools.