Costumes for Kids 2020

On October 29th, the Can Man Dan Foundation held its 2nd Annual Costumes for Kids event in partnership with Halloween Alley, Brokers for Life, and generous community members all over the city who pitched in to make sure no child was left out of this year's Halloween celebrations.

It was such a heartwarming experience seeing children's eyes light up as they were handed $50 gift certificates for Halloween Alley to go towards the purchase of a brand new costume. $50 is a lot for a child and a relief for parents as Halloween can be an expensive time of year.

We created this event because Halloween should be a fun celebration for a child to partake in with their friends. To be without a costume can be embarrassing at the worst, or at the least, just a big bummer! We set out to change that and we're so happy to announce that this year's event was a resounding success.

Thank you once again to all our generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers for putting together Costumes for Kids 2020. Check out our spoooooooky highlight video below!

Happy Halloween from the Can Man Dan Foundation! Here's to a safe and healthy Fall season.