Give Back Attack! - Oodles (Noodles) of Fun

Times have been tough lately (well, since early 2020) and we wanted to spread a little cheer. Our friends from Oodle Noodle felt the same way, so we teamed up to bring some smiles to fellow Edmontonians.

Dan and Kelsie decided to travel to several locations across the city with the "Oodle Noodle Wheel of Fun," full of great prizes such as free Oodle Noodle box vouchers, exclusive Can Man Dan Foundation merchandise, adorable Baby Yodas, and even a (very small, but still) cash prize!

People had a blast spinning the Oodle Noodle Wheel of Fun and were so excited to celebrate their wins! It was lovely uplifting people from all across Edmonton, including essential front-line workers, and reminding people that they're not alone during these extended times of uncertainty.

A huge thanks to Oodle Noodle for sponsoring this video and for being a great friend of our foundation. They are an amazing Edmonton-based company that serves delicious food and fosters community spirit; you can learn more about them and their offerings here.