North Central CO-OP's Gift of Fuel

The Can Man Dan Foundation is incredibly grateful for the support North Central CO-OP has shown us since they first selected us for their Fuel Good Day event last year.

To continue on with their generosity, we received such an amazing surprise this month in the form of free fuel for a year! North Central CO-OP Gas Bar will be sponsoring our much-needed fuel as we travel around Edmonton and beyond, uplifting and empowering those who need it most here in our city! We feel so lucky to have been chosen for their gift to help us move forward with our community programs.

Last year, we spent nearly $5,000 in fuel picking up donations all across Edmonton, all year-round, so that means because of CO-OP's generosity, we can now use that money to give back to those who need it most!

A huge thank you to the entire North Central CO-OP team! They are such a great group of people and most importantly, they are a homegrown brand with the same values of community spirit that we uphold here at the foundation.

You can find out more about North Central CO-OP here. Thank you, CO-OP! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!